Wonderful new table, cabinet and drawers for all your sewing requirements


Have you ever wished you did not have to move your machine from the dining table when you finished sewing for the day?  Or have you wished that all your bobbins, cottons and notions were all easily stored in one place so you can put your fingers on them straight away?  We have just received a new range of cabinets and drawers that will assist you.  The Tailormade range will help you create the perfect sewing room with an essential combination of sewing table, storage chest and drawers.


The sewing table features a manual lift to provide the opportunity for free-arm or flatbed sewing.  With a RRP of  $249 this table is well within anyones budget.

The storage chest will hide your overlocker or your project away safely and with an open area underneath it allows you to store any extra notions.  This storage chest has a RRP of $149.

The sewing drawers have four drawers allowing quick access to all your essential tools and supplies.  The drawers are lightweight and removable so you can take them around the room with you if you require or simply put it up on the table next to you whilst you work.  The drawers have a RRP of $199.

All are sold in a flat pack and are easy to assemble.  We have the table assembled in store for you to be able to come and see how functional it can be in your home sewing room.

tailormade 430x337 Wonderful new table, cabinet and drawers for all your sewing requirements


Why not look at a Koala SewComfort Chair to go with the table.  This is the most comfortable sewing chair and has excellent back support and can adjust easily so you can sit at your table at the correct height.  We have one of the fantastic chairs on the floor so you can sit and feel the comfort for yourself.