The new revolution in Hooping – “The Metal Hoop” is now instore

Pfaff Metal Hoop

Do you ever have issues when you are trying to hoop a fabric and it will not hold as the fabric is glossy or thick?  Some fabrics are more difficult to hoop than others or should not be hooped at all, since hooping can damage the fabric. Thick and coarse fabrics can be difficult to hoop due to their thickness but also thin and glossy fabrics as they have a tendancy to slip. Hooping ready-to-wear garments can be almost impossible due to seams, narrow areas or buttons/rivets but now that is made easy. Or have you over tightened your hoop and broken it or the screw?   When using the brand new Metal Hoop 180x130mm, hooping won’t be a problem!

Husqvarna Metal Hoop 430x251 The new revolution in Hooping   The Metal Hoop is now instore

When you want to embroider on quilts or other projects where you do not want residuals from stabilizer on the back side, the Metal Hoop 180x130mm is perfect! Embroider without stabilizer.

Embroidering several designs after each other or doing endless embroideries is easy, just remove the magnets and move the fabric. Ready to embroider the next design in no time!

Metal hoop on machine The new revolution in Hooping   The Metal Hoop is now instore

Included with your Metal Hoop are a template and four magnets. The hoop has a flocked surface to prevent the fabric from sliding. There are raised markings on the hoop indicating the center of the embroidery area. When positioning the fabric in the hoop, you can easily feel the raised markings through the fabric with your finger tips. The template has both inch and cm measurements. There are also slits in the template through which you can make markings on the hoop with a water soluble marking pen. Use the lines as a guide when lining up your project/fabric to be embroidered.

Pfaff Metal Hoop The new revolution in Hooping   The Metal Hoop is now instore

The magnets are used to fix fabric to the hoop or to keep excess fabric away from the embroidery area. Place the magnets evenly spaced on the hoop for best embroidery result.

We will have both the Husqvarna and Pfaff branded Metal Hoop 180mm x 130mm available in store or in our online via our e-store.

Watch the youtube video below to see this fantastic hoop in action.