Testimonials we wanted to share


Over the past couple of weeks we have received some heartwarming testimonials from two of our customers and we wanted to share these with you.  The testimonials show that you do not need to work in the front of the store to make a difference.  These testimonials are about the wonderful men that work here at Sewco and add to the professionalism we aim for here at Sewco.

The first comes from Coral Beckwith.  She was having trouble with her machine and Gareth stepped in to help.

“Just wanted you to know how impressed I am with the staff at Sewco Mt Gravatt, Brisbane store. The technician came to check out a problem with my new Sweet Sixteen. He was very polite & friendly, rang to tell me he was on the way. Have had great service from all the staff. Give them a pat on the back from me. Thanks again. Regards Coral Beckwith”

The second is from Jennifer Harding.  Arrived before opening time and was greeted by John who assisted her with her special order.

“Wow, Sewco you are the best. Firstly for your fantastic friendly service, also for getting my order in so fast and it being correct with no return needed.  However, I must say you have some pretty extraordinary people working for you. This is right from your phone operators  to salespeople.

Why I have taken the time to write this email, is a guy called John.
I dont even know who he is or what role he plays in the company.  John came to my rescue about a week or so ago with a most generous offer. I turned up at the store for the second time to pick up my order and got a little distressed to be told by him that the store was not open at present, he didnt even need to open the door, but he showed such courtesy in doing so.
I decided to tell him my story anyway, so standing there in the heat, I told him how this was my second time over here and that I was trying very hard to pick up my order after receiving an email. I however had missed the store twice now and did not know when I could ever pick it up as I worked the same time as the store hours.
I will never forget his kindness, he  gave me adequate empathy and after chatting for a minute, asked me to give him my documentation and he would see what he could do in dropping it off himself to me. This is the sort of thing I do for others in my workplace but have never had it reciprocated.
I just want to say, how very much I appreciated dealing with Sewco, because John has now cemented in my mind that this company is one that cares about the customers and goes the extra mile as well as offer exemplary service and top products.
I will be singing the praise of Sewco for some time as I am more than impressed with John’s fantastic customer service and professional manner not to mention his can do attitude.
thanks again John, (product received with much thanks)
Jennifer Harding (Carindale)”