Testimonial Kath and Vlado Kovacic

Dear SewCo Club members,

I hope this email finds its way to the correct place…

I write to thank you ever so much for the quilt you made and donated to people affected by the Black Saturday bushfires of 2009.

We were relatively lucky in that I was outside getting clothes off the line and saw the smokey beginnings at the initial point of origin (in Kilmore) from a few km away at 10:45am that morning.

We were always aware of the dangers of living in the bush, and had a fireplan ready. As my husband was at work when the fire broke out, enacting our fire plan meant grabbing the prepared suitcase that sits near the front door, the emergency supply pack, raiding the few precious items we keep in our home safe along with the folder of important documents, my 6 month old son’s bottles, formula, steriliser, etc and loading it all in the car and leaving along with 2 dogs, my son and a pregnant me in my little compact car!

It was a harrowing day as an evacuation to my parents house (who were luckily on holidays) in Eaglehawk (Bendigo) had us being chased out by fire again that night. I felt I was chased by fire all day and there was nowhere to go that wasn’t on fire. I didn’t catch up with my husband until about 2am in the morning at which point we didn’t know if our house was standing and the fate of my in-laws who were in the direct path of the fire.

Upon returning to our house after an agonising week wait to get back in, we found it standing with minimal damage. My in-laws were not so lucky, losing everything but the clothes on their back and their lives (which was a close call as they were pulled out by the fire fighters).

The quilt you made came to me after I returned home where, although I still had a house, the damage that was sustained meant the contents of our house were ember and smoke affected. It was crippling to see all the beautiful things in my son’s room so utterly violated (there is no other word to describe the damage to an area meant for pure innocence and love). Having had to throw out all our linen, and buy new mattresses, etc, I was so grateful for something so beautiful as the quilt that was donated to keep my son covered at night on those first few weeks after.

The quilt has since seen my son grow into his ‘big’ single bed, and my daughter who was born in July 2009 who is now in her ‘big’ bed, through many comfortable nights. I’m sure their contented nights were due to the care, concern and generosity by those who made it. Thank you so much.

I would very much like the quilt to become a symbol of hope and generosity to those affected by tragedy. I would like to add our ‘patch’ next to yours on the back to indicate that we were its recipient and we will be donating it also. I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction by recommending the best fabric to make our patch out of, and the best marker to write our details on.

If you could let me know by return email, that would be fantastic.

I’ve attached a few pix for you. Firstly is the little recipients of your quilt: Ivan and Amelia. Second: the patch on the back of the quilt. The last: the damaged side of our house!

Black Friday Recipients1 430x420 Testimonial Kath and Vlado KovacicBlack Friday label2 430x575 Testimonial Kath and Vlado KovacicBlack Friday house1 430x322 Testimonial Kath and Vlado Kovacic