Testimonial Jennifer B

Hi to you all from Fiji,


YOu will remember that we bought two pattern makers as we were going to enter in Fiji fashhion week and also fabric to make for our clothing range.  Firstly I have to say how easy the pattern maker is to use and how the patterns fit perfectly, we made a long black dress with a zipper and it was the best fit ever and the pants and shorts pattern the same, as you would be aware we were making for plus sized models and it all went without a hitch pattern wise. I will provide some feedback to Maria as well.

I am a little concerned about the wearability of the greyish fabric with the black ‘plasticised’ (for want of a better word) dot, when I put in a pin, pieces of the black split off and when sewing it the same and the pieces are rough in the seams even when overlocked. I would recommend that people bind their seams for comfort when wearing.  Also we found that the grey and the fabric seems to want to ‘pill’ after one use at the fashion show, which is a shame as the fabric iteself looks amazing.

The floral crinkly chiffon fabric (we bought the roll), was easy to sew and looked amazing.

Many thanks
Jennifer B