Sew and Tell at Sewco

christmas project 2

We are always excited when completed projects come back to the store for us to admire.  We would love to encourage everyone to bring their completed quilts, wallhangings or any other project you are working on to the store to show us.

Here are a couple of projects that have been bought into the store in the past couple of weeks.

If you want to get the creative juices going for the Festive Season, this wonderful piece features individual embroidered squares, each with a different theme, then pieced together with decorative borders.  This project is a true work of art.

christmas project 1 Sew and Tell at Sewco

christmas project 2 Sew and Tell at Sewco

The geometric pattern on this quilt and the bold greens, blacks and yellows, make this quilt an eye-catching addition to any bedroom.

green quilt 430x364 Sew and Tell at Sewco