Scan’NCut Event with Guest Teacher Judy West – author of Creative Doodling

brother scan n cut

We are proud to announce that Judy West, Author of Creative Doodling we will be a Guest Teacher at Sewco for a Scan’NCut Event on Saturday 27th September from 9.15am – 3.15pm.  During this all day event, Judy will be taking this opportunity to teach you how to breakdown designs and patterns, how to scan onto fabric, how to save scans and then print onto fabric and along the way teach you some Creative Doodling all using your  Brother ScanNCut machine.  This class will be held over a full day and there are going to be 4 sections to the class, so lots to learn and enjoy!

First section of the class you will be using a letter of your choice from the Aztec Alphabet section of Judy’s book. We will scan and enlarge the letter and separate the sections so that it can be cut in two colours. These images will be saved into your ScanNCut machine. Using a patterned fabric we will scan only the section of the pattern that we require, and cut it out. You will then use a pattern fabric that has a good sized motif that is associated with the letter of that you choose eg D is for Dog, F is for Flower, etc.  (Choose a pattern where the ScanNCut will have difficulty distinguishing which section you want to cut).  You will learn how to cut it using sections scanning with your ScanNCut.

Second section of the class you will using the Balloon design on page 26 of “Creative Doodling” where we will scan these into the ScanNCut and separate the sections for cutting. Save each section separately into the ScanNCut and then cut out in two colour for each balloon. The ribbon in the design will not be cut using the ScanNCut. The balloons  will also be enlarged, to sit nicely on a  12” square.

Third section of the class will see you learn to draw a free motion quilting pattern using the Creative Doodling technique.  You will then scan your design into the ScanNCut and draw it onto the 12” square background fabric.

Finally you will be using a quilting stencil ( if you have one bring it along, if not we will have one on the day) and we will scan that design into the ScanNCut and save for future use.

Judy has been involved in Arts and Crafts all her life and has worked in the craft industry for over 25 years.  She has a Diploma of Teaching and loves to use this skill to share her Creative Doodling techniques with everyone. You don’t need to be an artist when you take the simple concepts and ideas that Judy will teach you, to create your own works of art.  Creative Drawing is using patterns to embellish a basic drawn shape, a letter outline, border or frame.  Creative Drawing will give you a sense of achievement and artistic satisfaction.

If you would love to come along and meet Judy and see just how creative you too can be – the cost of the class is $60.  For this you will get the all day class and a copy of Judy’s book “Creative Doodling” to take home and get creating.

An example of Judy’s work is below – from one single triangle she has created this 3D piece.  How inspiring!

6 point star framed ScanNCut Event with Guest Teacher Judy West   author of Creative Doodling

Judy’s book has sections for Alphabets, Numerals, Borders, Frames and so much more for you to utilise if you need inspiration at any time.

Creative Doodling Book 413x580 ScanNCut Event with Guest Teacher Judy West   author of Creative Doodling