New Anita Goodesigns Special Edition available for pre-order


Anita Goodesign has released a new and exciting Special Edition and you have the chance to be pre-ordered this month. This Special Edition will cost $125 after the pre-order period, so why not get in early and order your copy at the pre-order price.  ‘Monograms’ has 6 different styles, large and small project ideas  and a full catalogue with tutorials and design images available.  I have attached a copy of the pre-order form for you to fill in and return to us or if you happen to be in the store, see one of the team and they can give you a copy of the order form.  Payment for your Monograms Special Edition is required at time of ordering please.


Special Edition – Monograms

 Monograms front New Anita Goodesigns Special Edition available for pre order

Included in this collection:
• 6 Different Monogram Styles
• Large and Small Sizes for different Project Ideas
• Full Colour Catalogue with design images and tutorial.

EME Monogram special order form




 New Anita Goodesigns Special Edition available for pre order

In French the definition of Entredeaux is “between two”, the technique is very popular in heirloom sewing to join pieces of fabric and lace trims together. The technique is similar to our cutwork technique with the addition of another cutting stitch. Since the Entredeaux stitches are so thin the additional cutting stitch allows you to trim any fine threads or fibers.
There are 43 different designs including border designs that can be used to accent the Entredeaux designs. These designs look beautiful on clothing or home decor items like tea towels. 43 Designs Total – for the 5”x 5”, 6”x 10”, 7”x 11” and 8”x 12” hoops.

Shadow Work

 New Anita Goodesigns Special Edition available for pre order

The technique we use in this shadow work collection is amazing. Use a simple technique where you stitch the design on our base fabric and then add another piece of fabric on top, stipple the background and then stitch the design element outlines. The end result is a shaded colouring to the design that almost looks like the fabric was painted. We have never released anything like this before and you will love these designs! You can obviously use these designs in your quilts and pillows, but for this project we wanted to create something different so we created a beautiful sachet out of one of the blocks. This sachet would make a perfect gift. 20 designs and 2 transitional blocks in 4 sizes (7.8”, 6.8”, 5.8”, and 4.8”)


 Fleur de Lis  

 New Anita Goodesigns Special Edition available for pre order

Fleur de Lis designs are timeless and look great on both clothing and home décor items. They can be used on both men’s and women’s clothing with great results. You can even further decorate the designs using rhinestones and crystals. There are 12 different Fleur de Lis designs and each of the designs comes in 2 different sizes. Twenty-four designs total for the 5”x 7”, 6”x 10” and 7”x 11” hoops.


 Mod Quilts

  New Anita Goodesigns Special Edition available for pre order





For home decorating, the trend has been mid-century modern. We used that trend as the inspiration for our Mod Quilts collection. This collection has 20 designs that were inspired by wallpaper and rug prints from the 50’s and 60’s. When combined into a quilt, pillows or a table runner the designs are nostalgic and current at the same time. 20 blocks and in 4 sizes each (7.8”, 6.8”, 5.8”, and 4.8”).


 Book Clutch    

 New Anita Goodesigns Special Edition available for pre order

The Book Clutch is a unique purse that will keep everyone guessing. Hollow out an old book or use a purchased book box to create this cool clutch. The book cover is made in a few steps and then adhered to the outside. Use a clasp to keep the clutch closed and line the inside with beautiful fabric. You can use the finished project as a purse or a secret box to hold jewelry or notions! 12 different book cover designs in 2 sizes each for the 5″x 7″ and 6″x 10″ hoops.


Tissue Holders

 New Anita Goodesigns Special Edition available for pre order

This is the perfect gift for anyone with a handbag. Instead of carrying a plastic package of tissues you can place your tissues in this fancy vintage tissue holder. This beautifully decorated project is embroidered in your hoop so you don’t even have to know how to sew! Makes 12 different tissue holders. A side design sizes are 2.4”x 5.8” and
B-side sizes are 4.3”x 6.2”.


PJ’s – Get it More  Together  

 New Anita Goodesigns Special Edition available for pre order

The pack consists of 3 projects: a 10”x17” hanging 6-pocket organizer (with or without monogram oval and optional flap) and a 6”x2½”x3” mini duffle (perfect as a makeup bag, among other things), both for the 6×10 hoop, and a 2- compartment 4”x5½” zippered shoulder mini-bag for the 5×7 hoop. All are completed entirely in the hoop, with the exception of the duffle’s final seams to make it 3-dimensional and the casings for the elastic on the organizer pockets.