Husqvarna Viking new Designer EPIC embroidery machine – pre-order at Sewco


Husqvarna Viking  are thrilled to announce the Designer EPIC embroidery machine will soon to be launched in the USA.

There has been a huge amount of excitement around the long awaited release of this extraordinary new machine and there is no doubt that it will prove to be extremely popular!

Sewco has been advised by Husqvarna Viking there will be a very limited number of the new Designer EPIC machines available in the first launch into Australia.

While this shipment is expected in early December 2015, due to the huge Worldwide demand, arrival cannot be guaranteed prior to Christmas 2015!

To make it fair to everyone, we are allocating stock of the new Designer EPIC on a  ‘Pre-order Basis’ and customers will be required to pay a non refundable 35% deposit, ($3,700) to secure their Pre-order!

The introductory price of this machine will be $12,990 which is a saving of over $2,000 off its recommended retail price.

Husqvarna Viking have provided us with a link so you can peruse all the details and features of this exciting machine. Click on below to be taken across to the Husqvarna Viking website.

HUSQVARNA VIKING® Reimagines the Sewing Experience with the New Designer EPIC™ Sewing and Embroidery Machine


We have also been able to obtain this YouTube video for you view the features of this amazing new machine.