End of Year message from Lesley

happy holidays

To my dear Sewco customers, I would like to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas full of laughter and good cheer, and good health to you and yours in 2014.

 The year that was –WOW- I don’t think I could have squeezed in another minute this year.

 Firstly, the year started with the birth of  the  two new additions to my family,  my daughters twins Charli and Cooper and how they have grown throughout the year .  They always have a smile on their faces and I am so proud of my daughter who now has 5 children.

We also had two new additions to the Sewco family early in the year with Sue and Marc joining us.  Marc is our second technician, working alongside Gareth with the servicing and repair of your machines and most of you should know Sue by now.

In March I was off to Las Vegas for the launch of the MC 1500, WOW what a machine. I was so impressed and it is a beautiful machine to sew on and at the right price.

 I was then back to Australia and began the year negotiating with the old landlord at Big Top for better rent but to no avail, so I had to make the big discussion to move Sewco to another location.

 John and I had had a holiday booked in May to go with our good friends to Europe but a week before leaving I ended up in hospital  to have my Gaulle Bladder removed and with no doctor check up to say I couldn’t travel , off we went. We had the most wonderful time but still trying to negotiate with the new landlord each day.

 After getting no satisfaction with the negotiation the decision was made to move and a new site at Kessels Road was found and then the setting up of the new shop began. Boy we didn’t think it would be such a big job but we did build a mezzanine floor, huge workshop for the two service technicians, offices both downstairs and upstairs all  in the middle of refitting the new shop.  John and I were booked on a trip with Blessington overseas prior to the decision to move being made but we still went.  The trip was very stressful with trouble with builders at the shop and the fit out of the new store happening whilst we were overseas.

 We returned to Australia only two days prior to the move from Big Top to Kessels Road in September. Well I am sure a lot of  you saw the mess but with the help of my wonderful team we have come out the other side. Imagine moving your sewing room with 19 years of  accumulated stuff you just had to keep in case you needed it one day  and your sewing room was the size of the shop, I am sure you get the picture.  We could not have done it without John’s hard work and patience.  For anyone who has not had the opportunity to visit our new home – here are some photo’s so you can see what all that hard work has accomplished.

New shop Frontage End of Year message from Lesley

New Shop 1 End of Year message from Lesley

New Shop 2 End of Year message from Lesley

New Shop 3 End of Year message from Lesley

New Shop 4 End of Year message from Lesley

New Shop 5 End of Year message from Lesley

 Then it was off overseas again for Rhonda and I to visit the Bernina factory in Chang Mai.  This was a great experience to see each bobbin case being filed smooth by hand, a great factory tour  and it really gives you an appreciation of all of the detail that goes into crafting a sewing machine. The factory in Chang Mia was spotless and they made us feel so special.  It was a wonderful but quick trip.

 Just a couple of weeks after we moved  into Kessels Road  saw Chris, Julie, Rhonda and myself at the Blessington conference at the Gold Coast and more NEW machines to find space for on the machine benches but what wonderful new additions. The Husqvarna Diamond Royale machine, the Husqvarna Topaz 50 with its great value, the new Husqvarna Opals, the Pfaff passport which is one of our best sellers and the Singer Heavy Duty Overlocker and Sewing Machine, but this is not all – while this is all going on we need to send all of the girls to training on all of these new machines.

Then the Brother conference with more NEW machines in Sydney and what great machines the New V series embroidery machines offer with all of the new technology – LED pointer so you sew straight-  just to mention one, and their  NEW Embroidery only machine with such a large sewing area – this one is worth a look. Now more machines to find a space for!!!

 We are happy with our move especially with the rent being half of what it was, it really was the only business decision I could have made.  But there was the matter of only one class room, how are we going to manage classes and club and our educational workshops?

Many many sleepless nights were had as to how do I keep my loyal customers, my teachers and team and bank manager happy???? What a dilemma!

So we had to forgo club on Saturdays and we changed the name on Tuesdays to Events, but I guess that the name change has confused many of you – as we have had an Event mornings each month since we moved to Kessels Road. We have had our High Tea, Morning with Babylock, Morning with Janome and the release of the MC15000, and in December we had Tricks and Tips of Tailoring with Gwenda and the ladies who attended in December have asked if she could come back she has such a wealth of knowledge.  So in the calendar we now are calling it Club Events so hopefully not to confuse anybody.  On the 2nd Tuesday in January we are going to have a Gadget Morning and you all love our Gadget Days. This will be on the 14th January and you know that we cannot do it in 2 hours so it will be from 10-2. We are all looking forward to catching up with you then.

I am writing this while we are driving to Sydney to spend the twins 1st Christmas with them. And John is driving so I will say Merry Christmas before I get car sick.

Charli End of Year message from LesleyCharli

 Cooper End of Year message from Lesley