Learn how to get cashback when shopping with Lyoness


We have advertised Cashback Nights at our store so you can learn more about how the Lyoness Cashback Card works and the benefits to you for having and purchasing with one of these cards.  Sewco is proud to be a business partner to Lyoness where you use your Lyoness Cashback Card when purchasing here in the store to get money back from for purchase.  During our next advertised Lyoness evening we invite you to come along and learn about other local businesses in the area where you can use your Lyoness Cashback Card, as well as how to get cash back buying weekly family comsumables like food and fuel.  Some of the other local Lyoness merchants include Hairdressers, Accountants, Restaurants, Electricians, Phone and Internet plans, Dentists, Travel and Accommadation services and Car servicing and tyres.  If you are in the market for a new car you even have Mazda and BMW available as merchants where you can get cashback,  and the merchant choice is growing every week.

If you are still not sure about Lyoness, I have put a video below that you can watch that will explain the program for you.

If after seeing this video, you would like to join Lyoness, please see one of the team next time you are in the store and we will happily give you a brochure and sign up form to fill out.  If not,  please feel free to come along on the next Cashback Evening in February where a Lyoness represenative can explain the system further to you and you can even sign up then, because the longer you wait, the more money you won’t be getting back on your purchases from Lyoness Business partners.  We will have an instore terminal, so you all you have to do to sign up is give us your email address, it is that easy!  And it’s FREE.