Testimonial Anne Duckmanton

Hi to you all at Sewco,
Am overseas in Buenos Aires (dancing my beloved tango) but leaving on Monday to go on to UK. I will not be back in Brissie until end of September BUT it is SO GOOD to be able to keep up to date with all your wonderful news and new products.
So pleased to hear of your fully booked classes, people are now getting more aware of value in fabrics and workmanship….we’ve certainly worked hard enough to try and get the message across in the past few years (what with cheap imports etc)
The quality of your classes, teaching and customer service are proof. Please keep doing what you do best!!
Needless to say I have bought some fabulously stunning new tango shoes…. I can feel new fascinators coming on!!! (Perhaps I may bring to Show and Tell…who doesn’t like a fabulous pair of “Zapatos” – eat your heart out Carrie Bradshaw!!!)
Best wishes to all, Keep up the fabulous work ,
Anne Duckmanton