New Anita Goodesigns and Pre-order release

Anita Goodesign through the years

If you are looking for inspiration to start a project during the holidays, maybe one of the new Anita Goodesign discs that we have received into store this week will get your creative juices flowing.  There are a wide range of project and quilting ideas available in these releases and remember to have a look behind the counter next time you are in as we have many more Anita Goodesign discs hanging on the wall.  A reminder too that the pre-order is closing on the 30th of November for Anita’s Commerative Quilt and Anita’s 10 year Commerative Book.  I have attached the order form below just in case you missed it last time.

Anniversary Quilt Pre-order form

New releases for November

Nautical – Full Collection  – 53 Designs

The designs look sophisticated and trendy without looking childish or whimsical. The designs look beautiful on clothing as well as home decorating items. They only use about 6 colours so they stitch very fast as well. The collection contains 20 scenes that come in 2 sizes each as well as 13 different isolated designs. Designs are for the 5”x7”, 6’x10” and 8”x12” hoops.

nautical New Anita Goodesigns and Pre order release

Eagles – Mini Collection  – 24 Designs Total

This collection contains 12 majestic bald eagles. Each eagle comes in 2 sizes, with each of the eagles being very detailed with each feather digitized by hand. These designs look timeless on anything you stitch them on but look especially great on clothing. These designs are very stitch intensive, we recommend using two pieces of cutaway stabilizer. Designs are for the 5”x7”, 6’x10” and 8”x12” hoops.

eagles New Anita Goodesigns and Pre order release

Botanical Impressions -  35 designs in 4 sizes/ 140 total

These designs were designed to be stitched in one colour and contain beautiful flora and fauna elements. There is a huge amount of detail in every one of these designs so everytime you look at them you will notice something new! Each block is bordered with a 3/4” folded fabric border so that you don’t need to add one later. There are 4 different shapes included in this collection; they are all used to square off the diamond quilt blocks. Each of the designs comes in 4 different sizes for all of your different hoop sizes. Designs are for the 6’x10” and 8”x12” hoops.

Botancial Impressions New Anita Goodesigns and Pre order release

Crazy Quilt – 14 Different Quilt Blocks, 8 Transitional Blocks in 4 sizes each (7.8”, 6.8”, 5.8”, and 4.8”).
For this collection  they have created the blocks using the folded fabric method. The end result is a cleaner look that is quicker to stitch. Also included are a few different shapes in this collection, the rectangle and the small square. These shapes allow you to create more interesting combinations.

crazy quilt New Anita Goodesigns and Pre order release

Landscape Bags – 13 bag Designs in 3 sizes each.

This is the perfect little bag to wear on the go! These unique designs are made using a variety of fabrics to create beautiful landscapes. Use a variety of batiks and tonal fabrics; this is a great way to bust through your scrap bag! Each side is made separately in the hoop; then you make the bag in a few easy steps. These beautiful landscapes can be framed as a picture or made into pillows as well.
Designs in 3 sizes each for the 6″x 10″, 7″x11″ and 8″x12″ hoops.

landscape quilted bags New Anita Goodesigns and Pre order release

Winter Hoops – 18 Hoop Designs

Winter Hoops are a perfect accent for any decor! Each design is made to fit inside a wooden embroidery hoop, which acts as a frame. There are 6 different trios to choose from, each with a hand-stitched look.

Eighteen hoop designs for the 6″x 10″(small), 7″x11″(medium) or 8″x12″(large) hoop.
winter hoops New Anita Goodesigns and Pre order release